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Telenor Foundation

The Partnership Between the Telenor Foundation and the National Theatre in Belgrade

The Telenor Foundation has established a strategic partnership with the National Theatre in Belgrade, as a reflection of the desire to support the cultural and artistic values that are part of Serbian national treasure.

In 2007 Telenor Serbia established the Telenor Foundation with the aim of helping the growth and development of Serbia’s society. Since the beginning of its operation, the Foundation has initiated and supported more than a hundred socially responsible projects, in collaboration with numerous state, educational and cultural institutions, and sports and nongovernmental organizations. Taking into consideration the needs of the society, the activities of the Telenor Foundation are focused on improving the position of socially vulnerable groups, education and professional advancement of young people, development of cultural creativity, environmental protection and child online safety.

The Telenor Foundation especially expresses its devotion and concern for people by supporting the development of cultural and artistic production and the art market, as well as encouraging artists, especially young ones, to pursue their work in Serbia.

At the same time, the Telenor Group, which Telenor Serbia is a part of, has established the Telenor Culture Award, also known as “Boundless Communications”. The Award is presented to individuals, groups and institutions that have significantly contributed to national or international cultural life. One of the Award laureats is actress Liv Ullmann.

The partnership with the National Theatre, as one of the most reputable cultural institutions in Serbia, was founded on the model of long-term collaboration that Telenor has with the National Theatre in Oslo and in Russia with the greatest symbol of Russian culture and one of the most prominent cultural institutions in the world – the Bolshoi Theatre.

By supporting this Monograph and its cultural value, the Foundation is contributing to the improvement and wealth of cultural life all across Serbia, and supporting the decentralization of cultural creativity.