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The National Theatre in Belgrade

The National Theatre in Belgrade was founded in 1868 as a drama theatre. It is one of the oldest and most important cultural institutions in Serbia. During the course of almost a century-and-a-half the Theatre’s activities contributed remarkable accomplishments to Serbia’s culture with interpretations by numerous generations of directors, actors, singers, ballet dancers and other artists. The repertoire of the National Theatre is based on classical works by renowned international and national authors, but it has always been open to modern pieces as well.

The National Theatre consists of three companies: Drama, Opera (founded in 1919), and Ballet (founded in 1921). In the period after the Second World War, both the Ballet and the Opera companies established an international reputation by touring the most distinguished theatres in the world. The achievements of all three companies have received recognition locally as well as internationally, with numerous awards testifying to their success.

The Museum of the National Theatre in Belgrade opened its doors to the public on 22 November 2010. The Museum’s permanent exhibition shows the history of the Theatre, with thematic exhibitions and other programmes adding to the interactive communication with visitors.

The programme activities of the National Theatre take place on the Main Stage, which has 559 seats and 120 standing places in its auditorium, on the Raša Plaović Stage, with 289 seats, as well as in other places in the building, such as the beautiful marble foyers.

In the past several years, the National Theatre has received 150,000 guests per season, and numerous audiences have hadthe opportunity to see its productions on national and international tours.